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Added a working "Google Calendar" on all of the pages, added the "Download Shared Files!" page for Movies, Music MP3, Music Videos, Manga, Wallpaper Downloads. "Download Shared Files!" page are not available for the moment, please wait while I update this pages. "About Me!" Is open, know more about me. "Google Search Tab" on all the pages are working now, better search if you want! Changed the "Family Members" page to "Download Shared Files!" page. Changed the "Primary Family" page to "Movies!" page. Music Files and Wallpapers download are now working....

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YOU only live once

But if you do it RIGHT


Diary Of The Day!

Well its been a year since my last update. I am thinking of a new platform for this website. Si I will renovate / redesign this website soon. Thanks for those who give their efforts to visit this site. Thank you. Thats all I can say now. Ciao :)).

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Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler on Grooveshark

Grow Old With You